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JMI VENDING | “Contactless” Service -the spring of unmann

Affected by the epidemic, people are more willing to choose vending machines and self-service settlement equipment when they have to go shopping and pick up goods. Nonpersonal retail is concentrated in three categories: open shelves, vending machines, and unmanned convenience stores. Although unattended, it still needs someone to manage. Front-end personnel are mainly responsible for distribution, tallying and cleaning. The current unmanned retail can be "unmanned" (unattended) or "few people" (a few administrators).
With the gradual maturity of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine vision, coupled with the development of mobile payment, unmanned  retail has received widespread attention. Unmanned stores have become a new trend in the global retail industry. Traditional retail giants have begun to experiment with unmanned store models. Some small and medium-sized startups have also emerged with their industry-leading artificial intelligence technology. Following bike sharing, unmanned stores have become the next explosive emerging business.
The most closely related to the unmanned retail industry is its upstream industry. The upstream of the unmanned retail store industry is mainly the information technology industry, the intelligent transportation industry, and the retail product industry (daily supplies, food, etc.). In recent years, technological updates in the upstream industry of the unmanned retail store industry have been accelerating. 
In the future, the three major unmanned retail models will be integrated with each other, and operators will simultaneously deploy a "machine + shelve + store" complex business format. At the same time, the unmanned retail industry will develop towards large-scale and refined operations with technological upgrades and supply chain optimization.
In the short term, the focus of the company’s operations is on the improvement of supply chain and management efficiency, including the company’s technological algorithm improvement, network transformation of the supply chain, and expansion or development of multiple retail scenarios, covering major consumption scenarios, category and product portfolio entry Featured mode, personalized/precise push based on different users, etc.
From a long-term perspective, the company's operations focus on refined operations and further improvement of experience, including drawing more accurate user portraits based on data feedback, analyzing multi-dimensional data, performing refined operations, business extensions, and product innovations to further enhance users Experience.