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Smart pharmacy, make treatment faster

In recent years, medical treatment has gradually entered into intelligence, and diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment have also entered into intelligence in all aspects. Smart medical care is a medical term that has only become popular in recent years. Although it has not been a long time, after making full use of big data technology and commercializing the combination of Internet technology and medical care, consumers’ consumption patterns and medical patterns are also Many new changes are taking place.

Nowadays, the market saturation of pharmacies is getting higher and higher, and the transformation and upgrading of pharmacies has become urgent. Under such circumstances, smart pharmacies have also begun to appear. Everyone’s attention is gradually attracted by this new type of pharmacy
What are the main features of smart pharmacies?

1, AI intelligent consultation
The intelligent pharmacy introduces various types of artificial intelligence tools into the pharmacy. The steps of the consultation can be detailed to every small detail of the human senses. The experience is not weak compared to the old doctors, whether it is a small fever, a cold, or various chronic For diseases, it can accurately give prescriptions for the condition, click to confirm, print out the medicine list, and then you only need to pay for the medicine.

2, Remote consultation with famous doctors
With the help of a computer and a high-definition camera, even in rural areas and remote suburbs, patients can enjoy consultations with authoritative experts, and this also saves patients’time from going back and forth to major hospitals to make appointments for registration, inspection, and test results. time.

3, 24-hour self-service medicine sales
In the past, traditional pharmacies were usually unable to meet the emergency needs of people who suddenly fell ill at night because of their operating hours. Now, in smart pharmacies, you only need to buy from the self-service medicine machine, and then use your mobile phone to pay or other payments. finished.
The smart pharmacies we have seen now have achieved point 3 at most. The first two also require the continuous development of technology and the full popularization of 5G. In the near future, the ranks of smart pharmacies will only grow stronger, benefiting society.