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SMART CHINA EXPO 2020 | JMI Vending-Boost the era of intelli

On September 15, 2020 Smart China Expo Online opened in Chongqing. JMI Vending (Chongqing) Commercial Operation Management Co., Ltd. participated in the online pavilion and the offline "Intelligent Manufacturing Town" exhibition to boost the intelligent era. Whether it is building a smart city or empowering new infrastructure, JMI vending has put forward higher requirements for intelligence.

The 24-hour robotic convenience store is a new retail model in the future that uses artificial intelligence technology to liberate human repetitive tasks. Using robotic arms to prepare beverages and sell packaged goods on the spot, the new retail is truly a smart robot convenience store that does not close for 24 hours. At the same time, pick-up, settlement, inventory check and part of the cleaning work are also done by the machine. Customers use mobile phones or large-screen terminals in stores to purchase goods and pay through mobile phones to realize self-service throughout the process.
The first is to select the product on the screen in the shopping area or scan the QR code to enter the mini program
After successful payment, wait a moment to pick up the goods at the corresponding window
Another product is JMI Robot Milk Tea Shop, which uses flexible joint robots instead of human hands to make milk tea. Multi-axis motion control linkage makes the whole production process elegant and standard. The whole process is clean and unmanned. Tourists choose what they like After the drink, the robot starts to prepare the drink after scanning the code to pay, and the preparation ends.