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Where is the "intelligence" embodied in vending machine?

Nowadays, you will see vending machines in major shopping malls, subways and other places with dense passenger flow. With the development of the new generation of mobile Internet technology, vending machines have quickly become the focus of the market, and the shopping experience has also been instantly improved, making them popular.
The current vending machine has a display screen that can be touched, which is more convenient to operate, but the intelligence of the vending machine is not limited to this. So, where is the "intelligence" of intelligent unmanned convenience stores?
1. Intelligent transaction data analysis. Intelligent management and control of goods, that is, every transaction directly becomes data for subsequent analysis of purchase and sales links;
2. Intelligent monitoring system. The current vending machine can easily realize the monitoring and guarantee of the whole network, that is, the information of mechanical failure and out of stock is warned through the monitoring system, which greatly improves the operation guarantee ability of the vending machine enterprise;    
3 "One screen with multiple uses" screen can not only display product information, it can display advertisements and other extended activities during "free" time;
4. Faster payment method. The touch screen can easily realize functions such as scanning code payment and fingerprint payment, and now the more popular face recognition is also very easy. At the same time, the system will record your purchase information. When you repurchase, the system can intelligently identify your identity through the information left before. The entire shopping process is very interesting and easy.
Intelligence is already a trend in the new retail and Internet environment, and intelligent vending machines not only make people's lives more convenient, but also more interesting. The consumer experience brought by the sense of technology is popular among young people. We have reason to believe that with the progress of society and the development of technology, more and more intelligent vending machines will appear around us, and intelligent applications are not only the above 4 aspects, more applications It must penetrate into other areas of life.