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KA960 Medicine vending machine

Model: KA960
Selections: 160
Storage quantity (depends on the size of Medicine box):           800
Dimension ( L*W*H): 960*935*2000
Weight ( KG): 240
Advertising function: With
Screen size : 32 inch
Payment method: E-payment

Smart community Smart pharmacy
The intelligent medical vending machine system improves the efficiency of existing drug logistics management, truly realizes the 24-hour unmanned sales of medicines, and allows intelligent medical vending machine to penetrate into community life.

Variable container structure
A variety of container body structures, adapt to every application scenario in the community, and can customize intelligent automated pharmacies according to customer needs
Humanized design
The waist medicine port design allows you to take medicine without bending over
Full access to third-party prescription platform data
Online and offline diversion, a comprehensive upgrade of the medical circulation experience!
Based on smart drug index
Quick and easy smart drug purchase guidelines, quickly find the drugs you need!
Flexible cargo lane, adjust on demand
Compatible with different specifications of drugs, adjust the size of the cargo lane as needed
Remote diagnosis and treatment system
Optional remote diagnosis and treatment system, so that remote diagnosis and treatment of drugs can be easily realized
Convenient payment
Medical insurance card, scan code electronic payment, and other payment methods, make buying medicine easy, convenient and sanitary
Automatic temperature measurement alarm module
Automatic temperature measurement and alarm before buying