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KA400 Hospital Vending Machine

Model: KA400
Selections: 400
Storage quantity (depends on the size of Medicine box):           4000
Dimension ( L*W*H): 2400*2100*2400mm
Weight ( KG): 600
Advertising function: No
Screen size : 10.4 inch(SIEMENS)
Payment method: E-payment

Medical Organization  Automated Pharmacy

What are Medical Organization Automated Pharmacies?

Intelligent automated pharmacy is an automated equipment that uses modern information technology, robotic automation technology and other intelligent means to store medicines and prescriptions, and combine with the rapid drug drop mode to meet the daily work of medical organization’s pharmacy windows. Intelligent automated pharmacies greatly shorten the time for patients to take medicines, improve the accuracy of drug delivery through windows, liberate the labor of pharmacists, and improve the efficiency of pharmacies.

Big data + Automated pharmacy
The intelligent automated pharmacy system of medical organization is to improve the efficiency of existing drug/medicine logistics management and achieve the purposes of high efficiency, speed, intelligence, reasonableness, accuracy, safety and humanization.

Automated pharmacies of medical organizations, with multiple warehouse compartments, suitable for multiple types of medicines; equipped with a robot medicine taking system, a variety of medicines are handled with care, to ensure medicine safety; a robot automatic medicine application system makes medicines fast, efficient and safe ; The system has multiple verifications to ensure the safety of taking medicine; seamlessly connects to the HIS system, and completes taking, recording, unifying, and recording with one click, without the need to arrange special personnel to organize; greatly reduce the labor intensity of medical staff and improve medical efficiency.


1. Remotely count the dosage of medicines, automatic alarms for expired medicines and low stocks, batch number tracking, and expiration management.
2. Auxiliary medical quality monitoring and control.
3. Strengthen the comprehensive data management of medicines and medical consumables,
4. Reduce the loss of prescriptions and medicines in hospitals, track medicines and consumables to patients, and achieve full traceability
5. Improve the operation quality of the hospital and provide management and decision-making information for the hospital administrators,
6. Significantly reduce the operating cost of the hospital and improve the economic efficiency and service quality of the hospital.
7. One-stop service management of "prescription-charge-distribution".
8. Directly embody "patient-centered", leaving more time for patients and improving the quality of medical services.
9. Automatic induction, single counting.
10. It can manage the authority of medicines in different levels to ensure the safety of medicines
11. Modular design, unlimited expansion according to needs
12. Multiple login methods with password and credit card to ensure medication safety
13. 24-hour service to ensure the timeliness of patient medication.
14. Automatically generate transfer orders and automatic inventory
15. Operations such as taking medicines, applying medicines, and counting to ensure that the actual inventory of the smart medicine cabinet is consistent with the HIS inventory