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KA960Pro(with consulting room)

Model: KA960Pro (With consulting room)
Selections: 160
Storage quantity (depends on the size of Medicine box):           800
Dimension ( L*W*H): 2160*1200*2400mm
Weight ( KG): 700
Advertising function: With
Screen size : 32 inch
Payment method: E-payment

Introduction to consulting room KA960 Pro
This machine contains two functional modules: "Independent consulting room" and
"Medical vending machine". Patients only need to sit in the "Independent
consulting room" to have a voice/video/text/image conversation with real doctors in the cloud.
Through the patient's description of the condition and the examination of the
examination equipment in the consulting room, preliminary consultation suggestions
for the disease can be obtained. After the consultation is completed, the
patient can directly pay for the medicine from the " Medical vending machine "
according to the doctor's recommendation.